Could We See Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Explode Onto The eSports Stage?

Every year without fail the Call of Duty hype train chugs along, departing in September and powering on right the way through to the now annual November launch.

This year, however, the hype train has an entirely different beast blazing inside its engine, catapulting this years release to the forefront of many gamers minds; Modern Warfare Remastered.

The inclusion of the remaster of arguably the series greatest title has give this years COD, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, an appeal on an level entirely different to any release in recent years.

modern warfare remastered

The eSports Argument

Realistically, we’ll be seeing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hit eSports events in the weeks and months post release, but will the remaster ever make it to the stage?

There’s an argument for it. An overwhelming one at that.

The level of anticipation around the release of Modern Warfare Remastered has been nothing short of mind-blowing, with several eSport vets speaking out about their desire to see it arrive to the gaming arena.

modern warfare remastered

Is it likely to happen?

There’s no denying the demand. It’s there in abundance, with many gamers expressing their desire to see more boots-to-the-ground style gameplay from COD.

While we’re yet to hear any official comments on the potential appearance of the remaster within a competitive space, Treyarch’s Director of Brand Development, Jay Puryear, recently offered his own two cents on the topic;

“I think it’s possible. Obviously as developers we’re always going to be focusing on the mainline title, but maybe it’s something we can look at down the line for the World League.

The issue we could face though is how we manage it. If we have 2,3 maybe 4 different games being supported and it could get very complicated and convoluted.”

How it looks on PS4 vs How it used to look on 360

If you’re wondering how polished the remaster will run in comparison to the original, here’s a nifty little side-by-side contrast of graphics.

If the below footage is anything to go by, we could be seeing a remaster that raises the bar for all others going forward.

Pre-Order Online Now

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now available to pre-order online in Ireland, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Author: Keith O'Hara

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