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This August the GameStop Northern Europe team had a very difficult task. It caused many brutal office arguments that remain unresolved to this day… The GameStop Diary Christmas Movie Checklist!

What defines a ‘Christmas Movie’?  What’s the core essence if these seasonal cinematic gems? We couldn’t agree!

Some believe that if the movie is regularly watched during the festive season, no matter the plot or genre,  then it is qualifies as a Christmas Movie. Others argue that the movie has to be about Santa, or Christmas itself to be a Christmas Movie. I for one believe that if the movie is set at Christmas time then it is a Christmas Movie. And as I had final say on the list, that’s what we’re sticking with!


gamestop diary christmas movie list

Lets look at a few of the more controversial choices:



Batman Returns (1992):
Absolutely a Christmas movie. Set at Christmas and features the most wonderful town Christmas tree, full of bats. Evidence below in GIF form.






Gremlins (1984):
This should never have been an argument, Billy receives Gizmo as a Christmas gift! Evidence below in GIF form.





Edward Scissorhands (1990):
Another Tim Burton classic, this movie spans a few seasons, but the beginning, end and big showdown are set at Christmas. Evidence below in GIF form.




Die Hard (1988):
Set at the best Christmas party Nakatomi Plaza has ever seen until… well you know. Evidence below in GIF form.





Author: Taine King

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