In honour of 'Best Friends Day', here are our top 5 in-game companions!

5. Yoshi

Super Mario Series

yoshi_for_nintendo_switch_screenshot_f_1080x607c0pcenter Top 5 In-Game Companions

Our favourite dinosaur has been protecting the Mario brothers ever since they were babies in Yoshi’s Island and has made an appearance in practically every Mario game since his debut in ‘Super Mario World’.

When he’s not helping save the princess or babysitting you can find Yoshi spending his free time at the driving range, tennis court, doing a few laps on rainbow road, or simply giving Kirby a run for his money in eating contests.

4. Pikachu

Pokémon Series

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Pikachu first appeared way back in Pokémon Red & Blue in the west, but it wasn’t until the anime released and the subsequent game Pokémon Yellow until Pikachu rose to prominence. It was then that our cute electric friend and his trusty companion Ash began on their travels and became an inseparable pair.

Pikachu has been mainstay mascot ever since, even though we are in the 7th Generation of Pokémon. Pikachu stays in the spotlight with the release of ‘Detective Pikachu’ earlier this year and also the recently announced ‘Let’s go Pikachu’ due for release on November 16th 2018.

3. Atreus

God of War (2018)

maxresdefault Top 5 In-Game Companions

Atreus hasn’t been around too long but Kratos and the boy have quite the adventure in the latest God of War. They’re on the quest to bring his mother’s ashes to the highest point in Midgard. A little bit of pre-teen angst and grief is enough to spark some conflict with the angriest dad in the world.

Atreus grows stronger and has to come to terms with what he really is. Both he and Kratos grow together through this magnificent experience.

2. Elizabeth

Bioshock Infinite

bioshock-infinite-elizabeth-optimal Top 5 In-Game Companions

“Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” At first we’re tasked with saving Elizabeth, a damsel in a tower, but we soon discover that she’s not the helpless girl that the trope would lead us to believe.

Elizabeth will scout and find resources for us to use throughout the game be it cash, ammo or health, oh did I mention that she uses her powers to open tears in space time? Her relationship and interactions with Booker along with their backstory really do immerse you and give an emotional kick that propels her beyond any other companion.

1. Ellie

The Last of Us

2208045-lastofus20344joelellietruck Top 5 In-Game Companions

Ellie is a young teenage girl who has fallen under the guardianship of Joel in a zombie-like apocalypse. She was born after the events of the outbreak and is intrigued by how life was before, obsessing over comic books and pop culture from a world she never knew.

Joel, having lost his own family develops a strong bond with Ellie and takes the role of a father figure. This story with realistic and relatable characters immerses you in it and makes points in the game all that more emotional.

Ellie will reprise her role in the sequel ‘The Last of Us 2’. We will hopefully see some additional footage and an official release date at this year’s E3 event.