1-1 Developer Q&A: The Evil Within 2

Developer Q&A


Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PCStyle: HorrorRelease: 13.10.17

2 Developer Q&A: The Evil Within 2

The story sounds great! We know our protagonist Sebastian is facing a huge personal struggle in the game. Can you tell us a little more about it and do you think his character will develop much more in the new game?

John Johanas:
I’m glad you’re excited!

It is set 3 years after the events of the first game, and Sebastian is trying to make sense of everything that happened in Beacon Mental Hospital, when he learns that his daughter, Lily, who he believed had died in a fire many years ago is in fact still alive. The organization Mobius, who orchestrated the events of the first game, have been using Lily to test a new prototype of STEM (the machine used in the first game to pull Sebastian into the mind of the killer, Ruvik), however something has gone wrong and Lily’s mind is lost within this new mental world of STEM.

In the first game, Sebastian was a victim. He was pulled into events that seemingly had nothing to do with him. This time, he is actively going back into this world for personal reasons. We wanted a real motivation for Sebastian to confront some extreme things, whether it be the personal trauma of his past, or these new sadistic worlds created by the antagonists.

One of the goals this time was for Sebastian to journey through a whole set of emotions and I think people who play through The Evil Within 2 will see a much different and deeper character than they might expect.

get_start Developer Q&A: The Evil Within 2

Can you explain the STEM world to our readers? Will the game mostly take place in this dimension?

STEM was a device originally created by the antagonist of the first game, Ruvik. It was a machine created to link the subconscious of those connected, having them exist in a world created by the host, or core, of STEM. The core can exert influence over the world, being the pillar that supports it, but everyone connected to the machine can influence it as well, with extreme personalities being able to potentially take control. In the original game, Sebastian was pulled into this world and had to escape.

The mysterious organization Mobius took the machine from Ruvik and is now using it to further their own goals using Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, as the core; Her personality and youth being what they believe to be a blank slate to build their own intentions off of.

Sebastian dives back into this world created within STEM to find his daughter which is where the game takes place. However, As people who played the first game know, this mental world is complicated. Multiple personalities have create their own domains within, and the world itself is falling apart so there will be many unique places to visit inside this world.

Will the gameplay favour a particular play style or will the approach be more open?

The goal of The Evil Within 2 was to be more open and allow you more freedom to play as you want. We beefed up the stealth options and weapons while increasing your options for strengthening Sebastian. Additionally we tried to design many situations to be tackled in multiple ways so we hope that you can develop your own style while journeying through the game!

Should we expect more gruesome enemies than ever before? Can you pick a favourite?

I sure hope so! Our team did a great job designing new creatures that hopefully will not leave your mind. As frightening as the creatures are in our game, I actually rather like our human antagonists in the game, Stefano and Theodore!

How have upgrades changed in the game? We’ve heard you can now customise your weapons? How about crafting and abilities?

Compared to the first game you have a few more options to upgrade Sebastian. Green gel can be collected from defeated enemies to upgrade Sebastian’s character. We have different avenues for you to spend that gel, whether it to be on adding sneaking options, attacking options, or health and stamina upgrades. There are certain skills to unlock within these upgrades as well.

Weapons now can be upgraded using weapon parts that are scattered around the levels. For these, you’ll need to explore the world, since they won’t drop from enemies.

Crafting is expanded from the original game. Throughout the game you can find gunpowder which can be used to craft any ammunition type so you have the freedom to make ammunition for the weapons you like. Ammunition for the crossbow requires gun powder and specific parts for those bolts. Crafting can be done at craft benches, but you also have the option to craft anywhere (for an increased cost for each bullet). We wanted to keep inventory management that many people remember from Survival Horror games, while still allowing you the freedom in playstyle.

get_start Developer Q&A: The Evil Within 2

What do you think fans will enjoy most about the new title?

I hope fans like exploring the world we created for them. There are some big areas to explore this time with a bunch of hidden events and surprises to find.

Also, think the story might be surprising for some fans as well. I look forward to see what players think of the whole thing once they reach the end!

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