If you happen to be a devoted Overwatch player, you will not find it hard to believe that a year has passed since the launch of this amazing title. Chances are, you already have more than a few invaluable memories forever connecting you to this world of awesome design and superhero themes. However, if you’re not familiar with Blizzard’s competitive giant, drop everything you’re playing and get the Game of the Year Edition – it’s an absolute must, and at a special celebration price.

Screen-Shot-2017-05-22-at-15.19.35 Overwatch Anniversary Event

Pick up Overwatch now at the 1-Year Anniversary price?






With an upgraded Overwatch comes plethora of additional in-game goodies. Our eyes are definitely set on the 10 bonus loot boxes as well as the hero skins that originally came with the Origins edition of the game. You do not want to miss out on those skins as they are locked and not available to purchase through other means. In addition, the players will get even more cool stuff for every other Blizzard’s popular IP – World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II and Diablo III.

If you’re unfamiliar with the microtransaction business model in Overwatch, don’t let that scare you away as the purchasable content is based purely on cosmetics and has no impact on the gameplay otherwise. All the character skins, spray logos, voice lines, emotes etc. are attainable through the loot box system, levelling up your account and in-game currency. To climb a level always takes the same amount of experience and with every level-up you get a free loot box. This actually eliminates the need to purchase the boxes at all. If you invest enough time and with a bit of luck you can get everything you set your eyes on.

In fact, if you’re still hesitant about jumping onto the hype-train, we have prepared the list of our favourite skins for every Overwatch hero currently available in the game that will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

1. Ana – Captain Amari:
Young Ana in the days when Overwatch was at the peak of its glory. (Available for Purchase)

Ana Overwatch Anniversary Event
Ana – Captain Amari

2. Bastion – Overgrown:
Bastion from the Overwatch short film, go see it now if you didn’t – you can thank us later. (Included in GOTY edition)

Bastion Overwatch Anniversary Event

3. D.V.A – Police Officer:
When it comes to great skin ideas this one steals the spotlight, absolutely hilarious. (Heroes of The Storm Quest)

DVA Overwatch Anniversary Event

4. Genji – Nihon:
Although a lot of people would probably go for the Oni skin, we prefer Genji that wears colors of his nations flag. Besides, everyone knows that the white ranger is the best ranger – duh. (Summer Games – closed event)

Genji Overwatch Anniversary Event

5. Hanzo – Young Hanzo:
Hanzo in his early days when he probably didn’t hate everyone as much – probably. (Available for Purchase)

Hanzo Overwatch Anniversary Event

6. Junkrat – Dr. Junkenstein:
We know that the puns don’t always pack a punch and perhaps thematically Junkrat doesn’t have much in common with Dr. Frankenstein but this skin still wins the day. (Halloween Terror – closed event)

Junkrat Overwatch Anniversary Event

7. Lúcio – Seleção:
As if Lucio wasn’t cool enough. Rollerblades football, where do we sign up? (Summer Games – closed event)

Lucio Overwatch Anniversary Event

8. McCree – Blackwatch:
You can’t go outside when it’s high noon without looking sharp. (Uprising – closed event)

McCree Overwatch Anniversary Event

9. Mei – Mei-rry:
Yet another pun, but considering how much we love Christmas we can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (Winter Wonderland – closed event)

Mei Overwatch Anniversary Event

10. Mercy – Witch:
Mercy has a lot of skins at this point as she is probably one of the more popular picks in the game and choosing this skin was an easy choice as well. (Halloween Terror – closed event)

Mercy Overwatch Anniversary Event

11. Orisa – Dynastinae:
There aren’t many “organic” looking alien designs in Overwatch but this one does the job. (Available for Purchase)

Orisa Overwatch Anniversary Event

12. Pharah – Raptorion:
We don’t know what works better, the gorgeous teal colour pallet or the Evangelion/Gundam vibe. (Available for Purchase)

Pharah Overwatch Anniversary Event

13. Reaper – Mariachi:
He even has a guitar strapped to his back, priceless. (Available for Purchase)

Reaper Overwatch Anniversary Event

14. Reinhardt – Stonehardt:
Yes we know, another pun… But hey! Here’s a giant guy with a hammer and lion armor. This iteration is a true homage to Paladins of Warcraft. (Available for Purchase)

Reinhardt Overwatch Anniversary Event

15. Roadhog – Zhu Bajie:
Is it a hog? Is it a man? No! It’s Journey to the West reference and a good one at that. (Year of the Rooster – closed event)

Roadhog Overwatch Anniversary Event

16. Soldier: 76 – Strike Commander Morrison:
Morrison before the fall of Overwatch and his vigilante days. That scouter on his face is a spot-on reference to Dragon Ball Z. His power level is probably higher than 9000 when he triggers the aim-bot ultimate. (Included in GOTY Edition)

Soldier-76 Overwatch Anniversary Event
Soldier 76

17. Sombra – Los Muertos:
Unfortunately, Sombra doesn’t get too much love from casual players these days but we can totally see a bright and shiny future for her on the competitive scene. (Available for Purchase)

Sombra Overwatch Anniversary Event

18. Symmetra:
Architech Beam me up Scotty! Sorry, someone had to say it. (Available for Purchase)

Symmetra Overwatch Anniversary Event

19. Torbjörn – Santaclad:
Do we really have to explain this one? Ho-Ho-How can we make time go faster, is it Christmas already? (Winter Wonderland – closed event)

Tornbjorn Overwatch Anniversary Event

20. Tracer – Mach T:
Here she comes Here comes T.Racer She’s a demon on… OK, we’ll stop now – AAAAAh. (Available for Purchase)

Tracer Overwatch Anniversary Event

21. Widowmaker – Huntress:
Victorian-Steampunk designs are always welcome and this one just speaks for itself. (Available for Purchase)

Widowmaker Overwatch Anniversary Event

22. Winston – Safari:
It’s a gorilla dressed as a safari hunter. We’ve seen this one coming up from a mile away, but hey! If it works, it works. Guess those poachers are sorry now. (Available for Purchase)

Windston Overwatch Anniversary Event

23. Zarya – Weightlifter:
Zarya is such an interesting concept but her skins are a bit disappointing. However, this obvious Ivan Drago reference puts a wide smile on our face. (Summer Games – closed event)

Zarya Overwatch Anniversary Event

24. Zenyatta – Sanzang:
This skin is simply amazing, probably the best one to come out of Year of the Rooster event and we can’t get enough of it. (Year of the Rooster – closed event)

Zenyatta Overwatch Anniversary Event

Blizzard is giving us even more skins and maps to play with during the Anniversary event that will take place from the 23rd of May onwards. Furthermore, the game will be free for everyone to try out from the start of the event all the way to the 29th of May.

You will be able to keep everything that you unlock during this free trial if you decide to buy the game. Be warned though, if you step up and join Overwatch you will not want to leave the house for a while. Make sure to get rid of all the chores and unnecessary distractions beforehand – like that nuisance called social life, who needs that anyway?

Pick up Overwatch now at the 1-Year Anniversary price?