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Cluedo World of Harry Potter

Solve the disappearance of a missing student

World of Harry Potter Cluedo game, you’ll solve the disappearance of a missing student in the identity of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville. Use Help cards, Dark cards and Mystery cards to figure out who attacked the student and what magical spell or secret item they used to do it. The sharpest wizard in the group will use the Floo Network to travel faster and gather facts. You’ll race for The Burrow and make your final accusation and if you’re right you’ll win.

It comes with a game board, 6 Identity cards, 6 Movers, 29 Help cards, 32 Dark cards, 21 Mystery cards, 1 Notepad, 40 Floo powder tokens, 6 Suspect tokens, 6 Item tokens, 1 envelope, 1 green die, 1 black die, 1 label sheet and instructions.


Playing Cards

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Top Trump Cards

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Top Trumps Match

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Harry Potter: Gryffindor Top Trumps Collectors Tin Card Game

Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere!

Get on board the Hogwarts Express with this Top Trumps Gryffindor Suitcase Tin! Containing two packs of Harry Potter Top Trumps card based around the third and fourth movies in the series, this is a great addition to any Potter fan’s wizarding world.

  • Transport yourself into the wizarding world and follow in the footsteps of your favourite Hogwarts students with your very own Gryffindor suitcase with two packs of Top Trumps
  • Discover if the infamous Voldemort or the respected Professor Dumbledore has the highest magic rating, or if Ron Weasley or Draco Malfoy is the most cunning
  • Play Top Trumps anytime, anywhere, with as many people as you like
  • This Gryffindor suitcase tin is easy-to-carry and means there are no limits on gameplay
  • Discover new and exciting facts about and all your favourite Harry Potter characters


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Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit!

Are you the smartest wizard?

This Trivial Pursuit bitesize edition contains 600 questions based on the Harry Potter films, some of which would challenge even the smartest of wizards! 

Test your trivia from the following topics: The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals & Magical Creatures. 

The handy game requires no board and can be carried around in its bite-size wedge case. Magical version of the classic Trivial Pursuit Game Includes 600 questions based on the Harry Potter Films. Suitable for ages 12+ 2-6 players

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