Check these beauties out!! The Dragon Balls are the namesake artifacts of the Dragon Ball series – they have the power to summon the Eternal Dragon, Shenron, who can grant wishes to anyone who gathers all seven of them.

High Quality PVC / RESIN
4.3 cm each, 1.3 / 4"
Box size: 19.8cm x 17.7cm / 7.3 / 4"x 7" 

Coming 03.07.17, Pre-order now : Ireland | Denmark | Finland | Norway | Sweden

The Dragon Balls come in sets of seven, each displaying a number of stars that signifies its ranking in the set. They are notoriously difficult to find as they are scattered all over their respective planet or galaxy. The Dragon Balls can take different forms depending on their origin and creator – for example, unlike the Earth Dragon Balls, the Namekian Dragon Balls are the size of basketballs and they summon the dragon, Porunga instead of Shenron, and can grant three wishes.

dragon-ball-z-dragon-ball Loot Feature: Exclusive Dragon Balls

The Legend of the Dragon Balls tells a tale of an ancient tribe discovering the original Dragon Ball, which held all the mystical energies of the Universe. They built a shrine around it, and protected it by placing it in the mouth of an enormous Dragon statue, until, one day, a band of thieves attempted to steal the Dragon Ball for nefarious reasons. They then discovered, the true power of the Ball. 

The tribe, to ensure such an attack would never occur again, split the Dragon Ball into seven smaller orbs and scattered them across the globe. Separately they were useless, but together, they could summon the Eternal Dragon for one wish, and one wish only. This led to pain and suffering, as an unjust few wished for power and dominion – but as the story goes, there will one day come a hero, Goku, who will use the Dragon Balls for goodness, and bring peace and unity to the world, once more.

dragon-ball-z Loot Feature: Exclusive Dragon Balls


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