On this Day: May 2nd 1998

Voldemort’s army laid siege to Hogwarts in order to capture Harry Potter resulting in decisive victory for the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army. End of the Second Wizarding War. Dissolution of the Death Eaters, collapse of Voldemort’s control over the Ministry of Magic and the final defeat of Lord Voldemort.

It was all a bit intense 1f62c Loot: Battle of Hogwarts …. But we’ve got Loot! 1f60d Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

img_3219 Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

Battle Essentials

You can’t even dream as being as skilled and badass as Molly Weasley or Professor McGonagall without your very own wand.

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"Three turns should do it"

Ok, well it wont allow you to time travel but it will allow you to be on time for all your charm classes and secret ‘DA’ meetings

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hp-watch-deathly-hallows-c Loot: Battle of Hogwarts
cauldron-mug Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

For tea, coffee, soup and pollyjuice potions! Featuring both the Hogwarts Crest and the Apothecary Department symbol.

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tp Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter

Bitesize edition contains 600 questions based on the Harry Potter films, some of which would challenge even the smartest of wizards! 

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Commanders & Combatants

We raise our wands to those who have fallen

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cards Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter Playing Cards

Deal in the magic with this set of Harry Potter Hogwarts Playing Cards.

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toptrumps Loot: Battle of Hogwarts

Top Trumps Collectors Tin

Get on board the Hogwarts Express with this Top Trumps Gryffindor Suitcase Tin! 

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