While Call of Duty has been exploring increasingly futuristic settings in previous years, fans and gamers have been aching for a boots-on-the-ground, historical Call of Duty, and this year Sledgehammer Games is delivering exactly what we have been asking for! Sledgehammer has previously developed the Call of Duty games Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare, so this is their first foray into a historical setting.

This November, for the first time in 10 years, Call of Duty will be returning to former glory in a dark and beautiful World War II setting in the aptly named Call of Duty: WWII.

Yesterday, the 26th of April, Sledgehammer Games held a livestreamed event, in which they showed off the first trailer to the game, as well as shared some information about their upcoming adventure.

We’ve gathered everything there is to know about this year’s Call of Duty right here:

The Story

The main story of Call of Duty: WWII will be seen through the eyes of Pvt. Red Daniels, a Texas farmboy turned soldier, who has been picked out of his life at home and placed into the frontlines of WWII as the American forces enter the war on D-Day. The story will follow Daniels’ squad from when they first land in Normandy, as they fight they way through war-torn Europe, till they eventually reach Germany. This means that the game will focus mainly on the American involvement in the war, and take place between 1944-45.

While the campaign of the game will weave in and out of historical events, having you participate in some of the great battles of the war, Sledgehammer emphasises that the game will not be a “greatest hits” of World War II, but rather an in-depth story of a squad, on a campaign, and their bonds and struggles, giving the player a deep and captivating view into the horrors of war. There is a great emphasis on brotherhood and camaraderie between Red and his squadmates, and their relationships seems like they will be a key component of the emotionally dark and visually beautiful story.

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True to History

With the return to an actual historical setting, Sledgehammer Games swapped out the creativity of writing futuristic games with a passion for history and accurate representation. A massive amount of research and work has gone into making Call of Duty: WWII as authentic and true to the war as possible, with Sledgehammer having spend the last couple of years meticulously gathering information for their game.

The studio has visited every location featured in the game in real life, as well as physically followed the whole war campaign from Normandy on. They have talked to veterans and museums, studied film footage, and had a military advisor and historian as part of the crew helping them reach authenticity in every step of the process. Then even took to the firing range to try out WWII weapons themselves, to get a feel for the guns in order to make them feel the most accurate in-game.

In yesterday’s stream, Sledgehammer emphasised just how important it has been for them to “get WWII right” as a tribute to the people the fought in the war, and it looks like they really have something special in store for us!

For many younger players, this may very well be their first big media exposure to WWII, as a Sledgehammer representative pointed out, it has been 10 years since the last WWII Call of Duty game, and 20 years since Saving Private Ryan, so especially for those that will learn some things about the war for the first time through Call of Duty: WWII, they went out of their way to make the game authentic to history – So you might learn something while playing too!


Modern Multiplayer in WWII

Of course, no Call of Duty game is complete without multiplayer. While information on the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: WWII is still sparse, Sledgehammer has revealed a few exciting new features we can look forward to.

First, a new mechanic called “Divisions” allows players to enlist in a group, such as infantry or armored division. While it is not yet clear how, a player’s chosen division will impact their multiplayer progress in some ways, so choose wisely!

Second, a new multiplayer mode simply known as “War” will be coming to Call of Duty: WWII. This mode will be unique in that it will be narrative driven, so players can look forward to partaking in a developing story as part of their multiplayer battles.

Finally, a feature called “Headquarters” has been teased. Headquarters is an off-the-frontlines experience where players can socialize, show off and engage with the community in between battles. Not much else is known at this point, but from the looks of it, Headquarters could seemingly be a similar experience to Destiny’s “Tower” hub.

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Nazi Zombies? Nazi Zombies!

Zombies have become a stable of the Call of Duty series, and Call of Duty: WWII will be no exception. This year, the game’s 3rd mode will be a coop mode with an original horror story, built on the premise that at the end of the war, the 3rd Reich attempted to create an army for themselves, resulting in a horde of nefarious living dead for you to fight off!

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In addition to the standard version of the game, a Pro Edition will be available for pre-order which includes a collectible steelbook, the season pass, as well as bonus DLC. This can be pre-ordered in your local GameStop now, or on your country’s GameStop website.

Finally, a Beta for the game will be coming later this year, so you can get the chance to try out Call of Duty WWII early! The beta will be available first on PS4, and those who pre-order will get early access.

This is all we know about Call of Duty: WWII so far! Are you as excited as we are? Let us know on our social media channels what you are looking forward to the most in Call of Duty: WWII.

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