Nintendo E3 2018 Round-up

Nintendo closed out E3 2018 with a streamed conference on Tuesday afternoon where they mainly focused on Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but dropped a few other announcements in there for good measure!

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

Release date: 7th December 2018.

We got the news we were hoping for with this one. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate will feature EVERY fighter in Smash Bros history! We'll also be able to battle it out with up to 7 friends in an 8 player mode!

Super Mario Party

Release date: 5th October 2018.

The Nintendo Switch is made for multiplayer, so naturally, Super Mario Party was bound to happen sooner or later. Nintendo have also included a neat trick with this one as you'll be able to link your own Switch with your friends to play some screen crossover mini games! We've been big fans of this series since the early days so looking forward to getting our hands on this one in October!

Fire Emblem: Three Hours

Release date: 2019

Fire Emblem will get it's Switch debut next year and let us tell you, we can't WAIT!


Release date: Out Now.

The hugely popular Battle Royale game was announced for Nintendo Switch. And guess what, it's out now!

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