EA E3 2018 Round-up

The EA Play E3 2018 event is LIVE at the Hollywood Palladium and we’re here on location to get a first look at Anthem, FIFA 19 and check out Battlefield V close up.


Release date: September 28th 2018

If there’s one game we can safely look forward to every year it’s FIFA 19. A fresh season means newly promoted teams and all the multi-million Euro new signings have been added to the game.

1500x500 E3 2018 - EA Round-up

Cristiano Ronaldo takes center stage once again as he appears as the cover star for the second year in a row.

EA just confirmed Champions League for FIFA 19.

In Story Mode, Alex Hunter will be able to pursue the Champions League title.

Battlefield V

Release date: 19th October 2018

The fans have asked and EA have answered – a new Battlefield game set during World War 2, the last being Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943 back in 2009. But if you’re anything like me Battlefield 1942 released way back in 2002 was your favourite, so many valuable hours spent on Wake Island!

EA just revealed that you’ll be able to move stationary weapons around the battlefield by attaching them to your tank.

They also just confirmed that there will be no loot boxes or premium pass in Battlefield V, along with a fresh Royale mode, similar to games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

We’ve also taken a first look at War Stories, further details on this to follow at Microsofts Press Briefing.


Release date: February 22nd 2019

A futuristic action adventure game is always hard to ignore and Anthem looks like it could potentially be up there with some of EA’s best yet.

Originally teased at E3 last year, Anthem promises to be an interesting alternative to the Mass Effect and Titanfall series, which have both proven to be popular.

Madden NFL 19

Release date: August 10th 2018

Returning to PC after 11 years, Madden NFL 19 is looking like one of the best yet.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release date: Holiday 2019

A surprise announcement! Set between Episodes 3 and 4, this brand new Star Wars game will cover ‘a very dark time’ period and they also indicated that you will play as a character on the Imperial side.

Star Wars: Battlefront II 

The Clone Wars will be coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II. We got a quick look at General Grievous in all his cunning glory, he’ll be coming for your lightsaber soon.

Unravel Two

The critically-acclaimed indie title is getting a follow up! We’ve been told it will be ‘friendlier’ than the first game and our first impression is that it looks really fun! We’ve looked at problem solving and puzzles in a 2 player co-op game mode.

Sea of Solitude

A new indie title from a small Berlin-based studio Jo-Mei games that has joined up with EA for a new EA Original title ‘Sea of Solitude’, or ‘SoS’ for short. comes on the back of the success of the co-op adventure ‘A Way Out’, which released earlier this year.

ie_e3-trade-generic E3 2018 - EA Round-up