Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 Round-up

Xbox Project Scorpio becomes Xbox One X

Release date: November 7th 2017

Microsoft took center stage at E3 tonight where they wowed their audience with some amazing new hardware. They took the wraps off a brand new console.

Project Scorpio is now Xbox One X. And there’s more. A lot more.

eb45e916-d375-4e2f-9724-ae5d0934ae83 E3 2017 - Xbox Round-up

It’s clocked at being 40% more powerful than any other console on the market today. Gamers can now play a raft of new titles in native 4K. According to Microsoft it will also improve the fidelity of 1080p games. These are called ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ titles.

The list of compatible native 4K titles includes Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves and Super Lucky’s Tale.

It’s also beautifully designed. It’s the smallest Xbox ever, and looks like the evil twin of the angelic Xbox One S.

It will support the Backward Compatibility program. In a surprise announcement, Microsoft also confirmed that original Xbox games will now be arriving on the program. This is something that will undoubtedly please the veterans!

Our pricing will be announced very soon.

Until then here’s a closer look at some of the titles coming to Xbox One X.

Forza Motorsport 7

Release date: October 3rd 2017

Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit. Enjoy gorgeous graphics at 60fps and true 4K resolution in HDR. Collect over 700 Forzavista™ cars, including the largest assortment of Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis ever. Master over 30 famous environments with dynamic conditions that change every time you race.

A staple of the racing genre, Forza is something every would-be racer out there looks forward to. But this time it’s different.

e99d325d-3f6c-444e-816c-cdd30d858ac1 E3 2017 - Xbox Round-up

Not just a minor upgrade, gamers will be able to play this one in true 4K. With dynamic weather and a massive array of cars to choose from, including the best from Porsche and Ferrari, it’s bound to be a pleaser.

We’re most looking forward to personalising our driver. The game will include a gear collection that spans decades. I’ve always looked good in a scarf! Sounds like a winner.

Crackdown 3

Release date: 7th November 2017

Time to step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3’s sandbox of mayhem and destruction. Explore the heights of a futuristic city, race through the streets in a transforming vehicle and use your powerful abilities to stop a ruthless criminal empire. Crackdown 3 delivers cooperative mayhem and an all-new multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon powered by Microsoft Cloud.

We’ve known about Crackdown 3 for a while and we’ve been dying to see more of it. We got a look at Terry Crews in all his glory. His laughter boomed around the arena in the brand new trailer.

One thing that’s clear is this game is going to be serious fun! You’ll be able to join 10 agents online in an arena which is fully destructible, and we all love destruction, right?

There’s also the large open world element we’ve seen before. You can join up to 4 friends on Xbox Live and take on the enemy. 

We’re looking forward to seeing how agent abilities develop as we progress in the game. Being able to leap over buildings sounds like a blast! Fingers crossed for this one.

Sea of Thieves

Release date: Early 2018

A Shared-World Adventure Game that lets you be the pirate you’ve always dreamed of in a world of danger and discovery. Explore a vast ocean where every sail on the horizon means a ship filled with real players who may be friends or foes. Form a crew and voyage to treasure-filled islands, face legendary creatures and test your mettle in epic ship battles against other pirates.

This one has captured our interest from day one. The RARE team coming back to make a new title for our beloved Xbox One? And in glorious 4K? Yes please!

Humor seems to really be on the cards this year. With Crackdown and Sea of Thieves we’re going to have a constant smile on our face.

562dabd4-4968-4df1-98bb-8ea0670c0249 E3 2017 - Xbox Round-up

We got a good look at the gameplay which looks both hilarious and fun. We step into the pirate life, running around the ship, diving into the depths of the ocean and banishing enemies back to Davey Jones’ Locker.

It’s a world filled with real players and we’re stoked for sailing the high seas with our mates as part of the crew, much merriment and adventure awaits!


Minecraft, the best-selling game on Xbox 360, is now available on Xbox One. Create and explore your very own world where the only limit is what you can imagine – just be sure to build a shelter before night comes to keep yourself safe from monsters.

We couldn’t end without taking a look at Minecraft. It’s a massively popular game and there were some cool announcements for it.

Microsoft plans to bring 4K support to the game (noticing a trend here?). Crossplay will also arrive allowing gamers on different platforms to interact. So if your friend has a Nintendo Switch you should be able to join them on your Xbox.

Were you impressed by the new Xbox One X and titles shown off? Let us know in the comments below!

The Xbox One X will be available for pre-order very soon. Stay tuned!