Microsoft-Blog E3 2017 - Event Round-up

Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 Round-up

Microsoft took center stage at E3 tonight where they wowed their audience with some amazing new hardware. They took the wraps off a brand new console.

Project Scorpio is now Xbox One X. And there’s more. A lot more.

Nintendo-Blog E3 2017 - Event Round-up

Nintendo E3 2017 Round-up

Instead of taking the stage live at E3, Nintendo opted to take a different approach than the other major companies in attendance. They broadcast a short pre-recorded video to show off their new titles.

We’re not complaining however, because the presentation contained a few gems. In a broadcast dominated by Nintendo Switch, there’s more than a few titles we’ll be pre-ordering.

Ubisoft-Blog E3 2017 - Event Round-up

Ubisoft E3 2017 Round-up

In a thoroughly entertaining show, Ubisoft showed off some of the most exciting games we’ve seen at this E3 and thankfully, there was almost no cringe in sight!

E3_Feature_PS4 E3 2017 - Event Round-up

Sony’s E3 2017 Round-up

Early Tuesday morning Sony took to the stage in what was a fast-paced show highlighting their Exclusives and more out this year and next. We got to see trailer after trailer of what Sony has to offer and we’ve posted some of the best below.

E3Feature_EA E3 2017 - Event Round-up

EA’s E3 2017 Round-up

That was some start to E3 this year from EA!

They showcased a ton of new information for their upcoming games in 2017 and beyond including 2 brand new IP’s. A Way Out, a prison breakout co-op experience (more details on that below) and teased Anthem, a new game from Bioware with more details to be revealed later on this evening at Microsoft’s conference.

Bethesda_Feature_Genericc E3 2017 - Event Round-up

Bethesda E3 2017 Round-up

Bethesda took to the stage early Monday morning to showcase what they’ve coming up in the next year. Wolfenstein II & The Evil Within 2 both got announced, while there’s a new standalone story in the Dishonored universe out in September.

Brand New Turtle Beach Headsets

Turtle Beach have announced new premium wireless
surround sound headsets for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

E3_Final_Main_TB2 E3 2017 - Event Round-up