10 awesome wearable GameStop Loot pieces – Pokémon, Harry Potter, Batman Oh My!

Looit from gamestop


1. Pikachu Yellow T-shirt
Show your love of Pokemon in our brightest Pikachu yellow. In-stores now!

2. Exclusive Silver foil Fantastic Beasts T-shirt
Show your support for (or membership in) the Magical Congress of the USA (MACUSA). In-store and online. Click here!

3. Harry Potter Hogwarts House Scarf
Don’t let the Sorting Hat choose for you! Pick your Hogwarts house scarf – and represent! Other houses also available. In-store now!

4. Batman Christmas Jumper
GameStop Exclusive Batman Christmas Jumper. Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. In-store and online. Click here!

5. Halo Christmas Jumper
“Wake me when you need presents” In-store now!

6. Harley Quinn Christmas T-Shirts
Merry Christmas Puddins. In-store and online. Click here!

7. Snap Backs
Star Wars, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Oh My! If you like it put a hat on it! In-store and online. Click here!

8. Pikachu Laplander Beanie
He is ready to fight! Or just look super cute! In-store and online. Click here!

9. Call of Duty T-Shirts
Know your enemy. In-store and online. Click here!

10. Minecraft Back Pack
For your sword, pickaxe…. Or anything else! In-store now!

Platform of Choice: Xbox
Favourite Game Genres: First Person Shooter
Favourite ‘Classic’ Game: Super Mario Kart
Upcoming Release Most Excited For- Star Wars Battlefront 2